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Athletic News: March 2017


When Athletic Director Kyle Lathon and Oak Creek Ranch School Soccer Coach Dr. Yassi informed the Wildcat team the conference soccer league had disbanded this year, both faculty members assumed the worst. The OCRS players, generally fielding only enough to fill the pitch, have always been strong. And since last year’s second-place finish, breaking former league champion Verde Valley School’s 52-game winning streak, was something all student-athletes wanted to improve upon. The two coaches offered suggestions, and in the end, it was an innovative and collaborative effort that has made one of the finest seasons yet.
With the facilitation from Lathon and Yassi, senior students Abrahm, Saeed, and Will have each captained a team, recruiting students from campus to play two games a week after school. Each team, fielding approximately eight students each, play 7-on-7, in what has been a stimulating competition. To add to the excitement, each team has recruited a faculty member. Los Rojos, captained by Saeed, recruited Mr. Hansen. Cactus Coolers, captained by Abrahm, recruited Hernandez. And Creek Heads, captained by Will, brought in Coach/Dr. Yassi.
Together, Lathon and Yassi, organized schedules, adding specific theme days for each game. The first game, a tie between Creek Heads and Los Rojos, ended in a pizza party. A Cactus Cooler victory recently ended with a bag of chips for all players.
Coach Yassi has realized since the beginning of this intramural tournament that the team actually plays harder against one another. He’s also recognized that they have more fun, and spend more time playing than they have during conference play. With all that said, at the end of each game, everyone’s a winner. The students have helped keep this alive, and have even offered input on rules and team trades. In the end, it’s them running the show, and the adults enjoying what they create.

To view additional photographs of the OCRS Intramural Soccer Teams taken by OCRS Senior Sophie S., please visit

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