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Residential News: June 2016


Oak Creek Ranch School understands that most of the difficulty with summer school is the mere fact that studying, whether to catch up or get ahead, takes place while peers are enjoying their summer break away from academics. With that said, OCRS makes sure to put “fun” in the fundamentals parents are looking for, asking summer school students to balance those studies with adventure faculty plan every other week for the entire campus.
Thus far, two weeks into the summer sessions, The Ranch’s faculty have accompanied students to Oak Creek Canyon’s most popular swimming hole destination, Slide Rock. There, sheltered under the shade of 89A’s canyon bridge, students communed for a well-deserved break, basking in the rays of the summer sun and cooling in the mountain stream. Nested above the highest cliffs of Slide Rock, students challenged each other to create jumps at the 25-foot and 40-foot level. Cheering each other one, students persevered with smiles on their faces.
Sun kissed and exhausted, students felt proud. They worked hard to take this day off. From the perspective of the faculty, this too was a learning experience; exchanging thoughts and ideas, joking and laughing with students. There are academics, and there are field trips. Two incredible opportunities to learn. Listening to the experienced, and experiencing.

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