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Academic News: February 2017


Ms. Medina’s skills as a teacher of computer technology not only covers keyboarding, basic applications, advanced coding, and digital arts and animation. Ms. Medina’s tutelage extends inside the mechanism that permits all functions, allowing students to learn about the inner workings of a computer. Reverse technology, to understand the operations, is not only hands-on experiential learning, it’s a critical facet to foster critical thinking and problem solving.

Middle School's latest project, in the realm of studying social studies, is analyzing the various aspects of the United States ranging from geographical landscapes to economic systems. And as each lesson is learned, students apply that knowledge by designing their own fictitious country. Pictured is Lynndon, 7th grader and President of "Seveep," his democratic island of magicians, wizards, warlocks, and witches. One of the required topics he's had to develop in the creation of his country has been writing his own "national anthem" and compose accompanying music using iPad's Garage Band application. Though the anthem might not resonate with his countrymen's tastes, the project is music to his ears.
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